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Global Understanding Chair

Julia Schmitt-ThielJulia Schmitt-Thiel
is chair and cofounder of Global Understanding,
an association located in Munich, Germany
concerned with intercultural dialog and learning.
She holds a PhD in political science.

Currently Julia is the director of Mohr-Villa Freimann
a cultural center in Munich, Germany.
Aditionally she works as a journalist and is engaged with projects on intercultural encounter und women empowerment.

Global Understanding e.V.
Dr. Julia Schmitt-Thiel
Mohr-Villa Freimann
Situlistraße75 80939 M
Tel +49-(0)89-3243264

Insight Dubai Conference 2008

Conference for Young Women around the World
23.-27. March 2008, Dubai, UAE

In March 2008 Dubai Women's College invited another 50 young women around the world to the United Arab Emirates . Global Understading was represented in the conference committee by Julia Schmitt-Thiel.

"This conference is unique since it has a distinctive Arabic and Islamic theme. Activities include participation as a foreign diplomat in a simulated United Nations discussion, role playing a Sharia Court case, debating leadership issues and an examination of the Majlis and the local elections. Panel discussions regarding local issues such as promoting peace, female leadership in the Middle East as well as site visit to Jumeirah Mosque, and the Heritage Village will add to the participants’ understanding of the local environment." (DWC website)

More information on the conference:

Download: Flyer-Insight-Dubai-2008 (jpg, 585 KB)

Fusion Art

World music from Pune & pictures from Munich
13. September 2007 at Mohr-Villa
Anushka, Akshay und Chitra in der Mohr-Villa
Global Understanding and TG 001 presented an inter-cultural music event with
Anushka Gokhale (vocals),
Chitra Marathe (gitar/vocals) and
Akshay Umesh Joshi (tabla - traditional Indian drums).

Fusion-Sound: Paayal Baaje

Konzert von Akshay, Anushka und Chitra in der Mohr-Villa

akshay anushka chitra Aushka und Chitra werden von Amelie begleitet Akshay Anushka Chitra Dr. Margit Riedel begrüßt zum Konzert
anushka margit julia

Muenchen - mit meinen Augen
' Aditionally Florian Leszynsky foto-exebition
' Munich - with my eyes until October 2007

Plant for the Planet

10 000 trees for Weilheim
8.11.2007, City hall Weilheim

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best is now!
- Chinese saying

Plant for the Planet is an initiative by pupils taking responsobility for their future.
They plant trees and support the One Billion Trees Campain of the United Nations.

Photo E.Gronau l With the event we introduced
l the project in Weilheim and made it possible
l for adults to take part through donations or
l through individual initatives to plant trees.
l 10 000 trees were donated!

Global Understanding supports the initative and
Julia Schmitt-Thiel hosted the event.

Further information on the initiative:


Women's rights in Europe and the World

Women's day and 50th aniversary of the European Union

"Sarah, Maria, Fatima"
Women's role in religion and politics
Contributor: Julia Schmitt Thiel,
Global Understanding e.V.

Thursday March, 8th 2007

Vernissage „ART feminin“
Katharina Schellenberger – Painting

Thursday March, 8th 2007
Mohr-Villa - arch hall

Veranstaltung zum Weltfrauentag am 8. März 2007

Berthold BRECHT performance

24. Januar 2007, Mohr-Villa Freimann
Theatergruppe 007
Scenic readings in the context of the
Berthold Brecht year 2006 with
students of the Unversity of Munich

Condutors: Dr. Anne Steiner, Dr. Margit Riedel

2006 was called the year of Berthold Brecht. Therefore students of the University of Munich gave a Brecht perfomance in the Mohr-Villa.

The event was the last rehersal for a performance in Pune, India as part of a university exchange program. In June 2006 Indian students came to Munich, in February 2007 German students start their excursion to Pune.

Scenic readings in the context of the Brecht year 2006
Szenische Lesung: "Brechtreiz" im Januar 2007

The voice behind the veil

22. December 2006, Mohr-Villa Freimann

Event in the year of equal opportunities

Veranstaltungs-Plakat "Die Stimme hinter dem Schleier"

The documentary „Der goldene Käfig steht offen“ by Anne-Kathrin Wetzel gives a striking discription of possibilities and problems of women empowerment in the United Arab Emirates. On december 22nd, 2006 the film was broadcasted at BR Alpha and dicussed in the context of a "Global Understanding" event series in the Mohr-Villa. At March, 8th 2007, International Women's day, a follow up event is planed.

Indian Culture Night

24. May 2006

Thanks to Dr. Paranjape, director of Indian "Theatergruppe 001" and Dr. Riedel, organisor of the German-Indian exchange program the 'Indian Culture Night' became a unique encounter full of vitality and music.

Dr. Manjiri Paranjape, Projektleitung Theatergruppe 001 Dr. Margit Riedel, Projektleitung Indischer Kulturaustausch
Dr. Paranjape & Dr. Riedel

Indian Dance and Indian music with "Theatergruppe 001"

Bilder-Galerie: Indischer Abend 2006


GlobalUnderstanding e.V. Dr. Julia Schmitt-Thiel ------------------------------------ info(at) ------------------------------ Mohr-Villa Freimann Situlistraße75 80939 M Tel +49-(0)89-3243264


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